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Lines at Gencon shrank and grew, but never disappeared!
Gamers gathered from all around to play, and games masters to run. This is the miniatures and board games room.
Great painted miniatures were somewhat outnumbered by grimly painted Goths, but there were many of both
These are of RAFM's Hartha
The Thunderbolt Mountain stuff goes well with the Hudson and Allen castles anyway!

As close as Settlers of Cataan gets to being a miniatures game
This Game was apparently sponsored by Reaper (I think), but I never saw it running. The miniatures looked nice anyway.

The D Day game was RAFM demoing the Baker Company rules, Tom Hanks is just hitting the beach.
FASA was running demos of VOR and a big bunch of Growlers turned up in the miniature painting competition. Surprising how hands keep getting in the way!

A great scratchbuilt dwarven war engine
Various games in action
Not quite live action roleplayers, but some of the biggest miniatures being used at Gencon.

Steve Gibson of Virginia prepares to run his Lego Shockforce game. His Legions of Steel game, Alien Ambassadors
Susan W was running a painting demo table (or 6) and doing a good job of providing a quiet place to relax, or to repair damage. Patrick Chambers of the Chamber of Miniatures wandering the halls, we kept bumping into each other, wonder why?

One has a feeling that we'll be seeing more of these guys. Mage Knight - the Rebellion is a collectable miniature game. The base with the stats is a neat idea, as the guy takes damage the base is turned, reducing his combat stats until three skulls show up, when he's dead. Not for sale yet.

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