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More Dwarf Characters

In 1982 Citadel began replacing some of the cruder early sculpts with better ones, replacing the original FA15 and FA29 (as well as introducing mounted versions shown here) in June. The Dungeon Adventurers Starter set released in August included a Dwarf Thief and a Dwarf Fighter, which then appeared in the normal ranges in September as FF71 Gnome Assassin and FS53 Dwarf Guardsman. The FS54 Dwarf Priest was also replaced in September 1982. Drambuin, Olaf and Odan appeared in boxed sets in 1983. The SS6 White Dwarf, C04 Dwarf Rogue and GH1 Dwarf Superhero were released in 1984, before the first slotta based dwarfs appeared in 1985.

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