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D5 Imperial Dwarf Command

The command groups for the Imperial Dwarfs were first seen in the August 1987 White Dwarf 92 and are a little confusing. In the main there are four basic sculpts, but only 3 variants of each were initially released, Officer, Champion, Standard and Drummer. There are fourth variants known of each. A King that joined the range in the 1991 catalogue, an uncatalogued version of the Champion and of the Drummer and an unreleased Standard variant. There is one Champion that is unlike the others, who became a normal trooper in 1991. Finally the first drummers show drums with lashings on the drum, and later ones are without, presumably because of a casting issue. Through the 1991 catalogue they are shown with lashings.
In the 1991 catalogue only 3 of each pose were used, the odd Champion had become a standard Imperial Dwarf and the command groups were joined by those from the Bugman's and Prince Ulther's Regiments of Renown.


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