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Early Slayers

Slayers or Beserks from the solid and slotta based C06 ranges, BC3 set, D2 & 4, DS and other ranges, some of whom are a little overarmoured for the role by later standards! I also included the September 1982 Mail Order Chaos Dwarf, described in places as a Troll Slayer, but more of the original spiky git to me. My vote for first Slayer goes to the July 1984 solid based C06 Northern Dwarf beserker, also shown.

I also added the Colin Dixon Slayer from January 1991 as I had nowhere else to put him! The 1987 DS9 Dragon Slayer rounds out the early non Marauder Slayers

The C06 Dwarf Adventurers were released in May 1985, the BC3 box in September 1985, the D4 Adventurers in January 1988 and the D2 Norse Dwarf in March 1988.


The Perrys


Andy Mott / Orclord / Andrew Dunnam

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