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Jes Goodwin C23 Ogres

The c23 Ogres were released in two batches, the first eight ( Warlord, Mercenary, Warrior Priest, Oriental, Chaos, Marauder, Gladiator, Bounty Hunter) in July 1985, and second eight in batches of two monthly from July through October 1986 ( Captain & Renegade ; Thug & Beserker; Mutant & Shaman; Pit Fighter & Executioner.)

The Pit Fighter is referred to as Matthog on the October 1986 Flyer and as Matthog - Mercenary Ogre in the Spring 1987 Journal, but plain Pit Fighter after that. The Ogre Marauder became Bandit Ogre, and the Warrior Priest, Shaman with Skull-Headed Mace. Skrag was also promoted to Champion status!

At some point the Renegade and the Thug were revised. The probably original Renegade has large spikes on his left arm, and the Thug has a bag on the thong around his neck, not a medallion.


Jes Goodwin


Dale Hurst / Tony Ordona / Unknown





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