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Fantasy Tribe Trolls

The majority of these were sculpted by Tom Meier, although FTT7,8 & 10 were by The Perrys. FTT10 was FF16-2 and later C31 in the UK, but released as a FTT Troll in the US.
FTT6 Troll Discipline Master with Whip, FTT5 Troll in Furs with Axe and Shield, FTT3 Troll hurling Rock, FTT7 Troll Wife attacking with Cleaver, FTT8 Troll Brat hurling Rocks, FTT4 Troll in Chainmail with Scimitar, FTT1 Troll with Tree-Trunk Club, FTT2 Troll swinging Axe, FTT10 Giant Two Headed Troll (US Only, FF16-2 and later C31 in the UK), FTT9 (later C31) Giant Half-Troll Champion in Ornate Classical Armour with Sword and Shield


Tom Meier / The Perrys


Craig Grady / Andrew Taylor


Spring 1982

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