The Confederation of Sigmar

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  A few shots from a game of Warmaster, played with 25mm troops. There was 2000 points of troops per side, using the Confederation of Sigmar scenario from the Warmaster rulebook, but substituting elves for the Empire troops .
The result was a loss for the Orcs, their General falling to the last unit of Elves remaining on the table. A little more familiarity with the rules would have probably bought the Orcs victory as they had virtually annihilated the Elves, while the Goblins had kept the Dwarfs busy slaughtering them at the other side of the field.
We'd probably give the Orcs more heroes and slightly less points overall in a rematch.

The Boys are waiting to bash heads, two units of Black Orcs (Citadel Black Orcs and Marauder Orc Regiment) and two of Boyz (Chronicle Hobgoblins).

The wolf chariots look a bit like pumpwagons and the giant has to remember to attack sideways, but... they've got the High Elf archers nervously waiting. What you thought that City Elves have room to practice archery? Only the country elves do.

Swarming through the ruins the goblins (read cannon fodder) are encouraged (read terrified) by the Trolls lurking behind them. Ever seen a Troll lurk? It's frightening. The orcs line moves forward, but for some reason only one unit of boars makes it into the elf line, and them hits two units at once. The other unit was chasing Reiver Knights.

Effective terrain this Mordheim stuff isn't it? The chariots crash into the waiting dwarf line, did I mention the Standard gives them a 3+ save?

Ogres trying to sneak down the dwarf flank, they met a bunch of slayers going the other way. What do you mean that Trolls and Ogres aren't monsters! The Black Orcs and Boar Boyz advancing.

The distracted unit of Boar Boys chasing off the Reiver Knights, disguised as Glade Riders. They pursued tham right into the grasp of a unit of Silver Helms, whoops. Goblins surging forward, sorry standing around. The Orc General encouraghes his Boyz by his presence (and his big hitting stick). The Giant continues to shamble around.

Enough to make any Orc lasses head swim, a brigade of the meanest Greenskins around. Shame that they were so easily distracted.
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