The Battle of the 5 Armies

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Apart from the Pelennor Fields before Mirith Tirith the most frequently recreated battle in the Tolkein canon. These shots are from a dress rehearsal for a game, sponsored by The Stuff of Legends and The Virtual Alchemist, due to be run at Fall In on November 4th in Gettysburg PA. We're using Warmaster rules, which work well with 25mm figures and a large table. For this version we had 2800 points of evil horde troops and just under 2000 points of beleagured good guys. This test proved that the good guys need more terrain advantages and more troops. The final run will probably use nearer 4000 points on both sides, about 2000 models.

The terrain in this version was very much concept only!

Dwarfen warriors on the left flank stand as Wolf Riders crash into them; The Orc Infantry enters the valley; Goblin chariots and Heavy Cavalry hit the Elf Spears on the right flank.

Elf Archers await a clear target, with Cavalry waiting to entewr the fray. Behind them the Dwarf clans await the onset, backed up by Mounted Nobles from Laketown. Elf Archers on Raven Hill are dismayed to see goblins crossing the mountain spurs above them.

In the centre of the line the Lakemen move to attack the Goblin cavalry and chariots. Dain stands by the river, with a unit of Dwarfs. To his front stand the Laketown cavalry and a unit of hard pressed Dwarfs.

Goblins enter the ruins of Dale, with Orcs to their left. The Orc cavalry, chariots and Trolls are locked in battle with the Elven Spears and Laketown Infantry.

The Goblin catapults stand deserted, their crew having fled before the eagles onslaught.


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